Updating jailbreak

What happens after I try to update to the new i OS ?Will I lose all pictures/data that I've created after my recent backup ?You should end up with a non-jailbroken device with all your content excluding content for tweaks.Apple today released an i OS 9.3.4 update for the i OS 9 operating system, just over two weeks after releasing i OS 9.3.3 and less than two months before we expect to see the public release of i OS 10, currently in beta testing.Apple has already released the fifth developer version of the i OS 10.2 beta and those who participated in the beta test program, will be able to download the latest firmware update.

When your device starts up again, the patch will have been applied and you won't have to worry about any data-stealing hackers for the time being.

Thankfully, i OS hacker/engineer Ryan Petrich feels our pain.

He released his SSLPatch tweak, which lets you simply install the patch from Cydia without having to backup and re-jailbreak.

Todesco believes that anyone who has jailbroken the current version, must stick to that and not update.


But the fact is that there is still no jailbreak too for i OS 10 and that’s why Todesco feels users to stick to the current version as it is still possible to produce an i OS 10 jailbreak tool with it. Popular Chinese hacking group Pangu has hinted at an i OS 10 jailbreak tool they will release soon. Now, with the introduction of i OS 10.2, it is now or never for Pangu as Apple is confident that its i OS 10 operating system is unbreakable.

It's not a perfect solution, but it's better than nothing.



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