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These are all kind of maps tailored for motorists, cyclists, hikers etc.

Those maps differ in what they display (small footpaths, huts) how they look on your device (colors, icons) and if and how they enable you to use the routing feature of your Garmin (car-only, cars bikes on foot, bikes only).

If you see two version numbers displayed, the first is the main OS of the receiver.

The second is the version of the code used by the receiver circuit.

The Garmin e Trex series can be bricked quite easily.

I am a bit old and doddery so I have a sort excuse.

In a seniors moment I went ahead and formatted the internal drive not the secondary. Be very careful not to format your internal drive or you will finish up with a brick like me.We've collected dozens of tips and tricks designed to save you time and money when mapping with your Garmin e Trex 10.



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    Once students register for classes, they are officially enrolled and committed to attend.

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