Updating small bathrooms


The good news was that on the other side of the bathroom was a guest bedroom (one of five bedrooms in the house), so there was plenty of room for expansion. The main priorities were a double vanity and a spacious shower.My mom isn’t really a “bath” type of person, so she specifically requested that a bathtub I also did some drawings to work out all of the details.Bathrooms of today are fully tiled with suitable materials including, ceramic porcelain and marble tiles for the floor and walls.Vanity units vary from units that sit on the floor, units that have chrome legs to have a modern style or vanity units that are wall hung to be the feature of your new renovation.

Remove curtains and exchange them for light venetian blinds or a roller blind; letting as much light into the room as possible will open up the space.I knew I wanted the vanities to be separated by a center cabinet, and I also wanted mirrors with sconces installed on top of the mirrors.



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