Validating constraints and oracle

Changing and Creating Consistently with Integrity [September 2016] by Melanie Caffrey Part 5 in a second series on the basics of the relational database and SQL Tighter PL/SQL and SQL Integration [September 2016] by Connor Mc Donald PL/SQL functions perform better in SQL in Oracle Database 12.

The Magic of PL/SQL [September 2016] by Steven Feuerstein Do you know when to anchor, when to loop, and when not to make?

Information on SQL constraints can be found in the textbook.

The Oracle implementation of constraints differs from the SQL standard, as documented in Oracle 9i SQL versus Standard SQL.

More information on our suite of Prescience Advantage Services is provided below and a summary is available in the Oracle Services Capability Statement.

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However, a procedure is executed explicitly from another block via a procedure call, while a trigger is executed implicitly whenever the triggering event happens.

Prescience knows that Oracle E-Business Suite implementations require just the right combination of business and technical experience – and we also know that finding that balance can be quite a challenge.


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