Webalizer stats not updating cpanel


Hi folks, I recently had my datacenter update WHM/Cpanel to 11.36X and I've been getting flooded with hundreds of emails a day now indicating Suspicious processes and Excessive processes all related to webalizer for every account on my box.

If you haven’t noticed yet on a lot of our servers specific accounts on each server do not have any bandwidth tracking what so ever.

I'm not understanding how updating Cpanel should require me to tame CSF so it's not triggered as easily.

I like the warnings, I'm very paranoid, but I cant help but to think something is wrong since now that Cpanel has been upgraded I'm getting warnings off every site.

If you’re on a shared hosting account you would only realize if your bandwidth usage has been zero.

For a reseller it’s highly likely at least one of your accounts is not tracking any bandwidth.As it stands anyone affected by this is just being given a free ride as far as bandwidth and we’ll deal with any extra cost due to bandwidth usage not being available.



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