Who is 50 cent dating right now

Thus, even though that the former 50 Cent girlfriend has evidence on her side, 50 Cent layers note that he denies these charges and that he has not done anything wrong and these are not serious.His layer also notes that 50 Cent has not ever been charged before and that they will make their own investigation about this thing.Although he left drug-dealing to pursue a musical career, in 2000 he was shot nine times.After Jackson released the compilation album Guess Who's Back?We were shocked to report that Charlie Murphy died at 57 years old after a battle with leukemia. After the incident settled, and probably after smelling a lawsuit, the artist invited the fan up to the stage, where she spent the rest of the concert twerking. So far, it doesn't seem like there's any legal drama headed 50's way. [rapper's son, Marquise Jackson, revealed he isn't a big fan of his poppa's music.Apparently, those who worked with the actor were just as taken back by the tragedy — because they had no idea he was even battling cancer. In fact, the up-and-comer said the A-lister's music hasn't been "good lately." Video: Vivica A.


Their band mostly gave live performances at hotel named ‘Ramada Inns’.Ultimately, the artist invited the woman to twerk on stage, officially ending the drama. However, this isn't the first time a fan has overstepped his or her boundaries! The famous rapper 50 Cent is single at the moment but he has difficult situation with the former 50 Cent girlfriend.

It seems that the rapper has done serious thing for the former 50 Cent girlfriend, because when they were having arguing he has ransacking her bedroom and kicking the poor woman.

Jackson had similar commercial and critical success with his second album, The Massacre, which was released in 2005.



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