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Veronica and Peter never told Spencer that she was adopted, and raised her as a Hastings.Unbeknownst to them, Spencer had a twin who was born a few minutes after her.' but there are some things you won't see coming." 3.


Hale: He actually reminds me a lot of Ezra, so clearly Aria has a type — physically and mentally.

Mike is first seen telling Ella Montgomery and Aria Montgomery that he needs a ride to lacrosse practice. He complains to Ella that his stuff is in a hundred boxes and she suggests they look in the basement. When they arrive, he tells Aria what time to pick him up then goes to practice.

Mike approaches Aria with his concern about Byron and Ella fighting, feeling vulnerable, but Aria tells him that it isn't their business.

The person you’re in love with isn't always the right person for you and that’s a hard thing to accept. Aria wanted to forget everything that happened in Rosewood and look for something new, but she’ll always be in love with him.

She will deny it until the end, but maybe they needed to part ways for a while to come back and be something better and stronger.

As revealed in the official Season 7 trailer, the Liars are given 24 hours — in which they must perform a twisted task — to #Save Hanna, who has been kidnapped by Elliott and Mary Drake. The trailer wants us to believe the girls commit murder — and, to be fair, they’ve killed several people already — but even if they don’t, they’re pushed to do something that makes them question who they are as people.



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