Who is jodi foster dating

It is a secret she has, until now, guarded closely from the wider world.This week, however, Miss Foster finally broke her silence about her 14-year lesbian relationship with film producer Cydney Bernard.Ellen's ex is not an actress anymore, but she used to act... Evil woman."Only a complete moron would call someone "evil" for such a stupid reason. It's really obvious that one of the kid's father's is James Woods, the other is probably the gorgeous gay guy that died. Worst are probably the self-righteous crusaders who seem to think that hating her is a requisite for the advancement of gay rights.Her photos are nothing special, by the way."Jodie Foster is disgusting. Maybe her sons don't give a shit who the sperm donor is. Having children out of wedlock when one is wealthy and successful is a mark of promiscuity. She sleeps with guys, has children out of wedlock, and also sleeps with women. We've had everything here, from the waiter who boasted of spitting in her drink to punish her for being closeted to the current lesbians who have decided she's a traitor for sleeping with men (even though Foster herself alluded to artificial insemination when she first got pregnant).He has attended meetings for people living with mental illness, talks at a local art museum and concerts.H He’s also indicated he’d like to get a full-time job and at one point went to Starbucks and Subway to talk about applying.

President Ronald Reagan and three other people in a 1981 assassination attempt, is to be freed.

I have given everything up there…that's reality show enough." PHOTOS: Out and proud stars In her heartfelt speech, the star went on to thank her "soul sister for life" Bernard.

(The pair split after more than a decade together in 2008.) "I am so proud of our modern family," she gushed.

As Foster stepped on to the red carpet to pose for photographers outside the El Capitan Theatre, observers noticed Miss Bernard and the two boys standing forlornly behind the ropes with other members of the star-spotting public. It was only when their mother was firmly inside the building and away from prying lenses that Charlie, Kit and Miss Bernard trudged inside, unnoticed by the paparazzi.

So why, given her blanket refusal to discuss her sexuality, has Jodie suddenly decided to come clean?

In late 2003, the judge allowed Hinckley to begin leaving the hospital for day visits with his parents in the Washington area. He will have to attend individual and group therapy sessions and is barred from talking to the media.



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