Who is lucy liu dating now 2016 New york bisexual chat room


Dating, seeing each other, casual, friends with benefits, one-night stand, in a relationship, exclusive, open etc.

And different people place different meanings on the same description – language is cool, right?


We just couldn't stop but wonder if this woman who is still energetic and full of ambition is married or not. Surely, a woman who has such a high status must have an equally deserving husband, or, is she still a single lady? As she has crossed her fertility peak, she can't give birth to a child herself.

"It's about getting out the message that we need to help children and educate ourselves," she told People.

, Jenna Dewan-Tatum revealed that she used to date Justin Timberlake.

But passing fertility peak cannot be an end of the day for us in the 21st century. One can take help of various procedures for adoption and in-vitro fertilization.

Not sure if you knew or not but Donna is the third child among her eight siblings to mother Jean Marie and father Lionel Joseph Brazile. So, her eight siblings gave her fifteen niece and nephews, and anybody can surely guess that it’s a tough job to handle. We wonder if she ever looks at her siblings and thinks of having her family, having an understanding husband, few children and enjoying both her profession and personal life as a loving wife and mother.The actress, who was one of Justin's back-up dancers at the time, confirmed that after his big public split from Britney Spears, they had a short-lived relationship: “We dated. We were like friends, then dated and we’re just really good friends now”.



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