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is now available on DVD and Blu-ray), but it showed a less biting Judge doing what he does best: everyday life comedy.

Perhaps that’s why it wasn’t abandoned, but it’s also a film that may find more of an audience on home video. Ron Livingston talked about Judge having enough “fuck you” money that he doesn’t sweat some elements of this, but it was hard to know what to expect from a dinner with Judge.

's cultural relevance has faded (and it's only available on DVD and streaming in bastardized versions, with the music videos cut).

When Judge joined myself and a handful of online press, he immediately sneezed. Everyone was given champagne, and Judge relaxed, even if he was surrounded by a bunch of questioning journalists.Judge: Well, he’s got the same hair, people think it’s him. Judge: I think we were just in a meeting and someone suggested them watching a scene and commenting about it on the couch, and we couldn’t figure it out, and I had already animated them Masterpiece Theater-style, talking about it like that would be good. They played a cut down version of it on Letterman, and I think there was stuff Letterman would have liked that was cut out of it.I wonder if the guy, if that extra did it on purpose. Q: Did Jason Bateman know about their obsession with his name? Letterman raved about the movie when Bateman was on there, and after, and before.Now you've got the Paul Allens and Mark Zuckerbergs, and it just seems kind of perfect for comedy. We've had things happen where we put something in the show that we made up, and then it really happens, in between the time we did it and when the show comes out.

There's just so many absurd things happening all the time. They have billions, so they can go build their own nuclear submarine on a private island, but they don't want to drive a flashy car. There was a thing in the pilot that I wasn't the biggest fan of called "nip alert," and it was supposed to be a stupid app.There are few places in America where you can still make a "Cornholio" or "Pull my finger" reference without getting a roomful of puzzled stares.



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