Who is sam palladio dating

Though it seems like big news that the two have finally become public with their relationship, many are searching for past relationships Bennet has been in, and it seems she likes to keep her private life just that; private. ” Since then, Bennet has been dating Nichols, 36, and there are no signs of them breaking up anytime soon.

So, if you’ve been looking for a Chloe Bennet dating timeline, then you’re out of luck. The young Hollywood couple have been spotted in Los Angeles every once in a while and have no problems sharing their relationship on Instagram.

"I was introduced to his music through my mum," Palladio tells "She was unwell for a while but found his music and found this beautiful quality in it. It was playing in the house continuously until she was better.

I got to tour with him, which made her very, very happy." Palladio, who earlier this year performed throughout the States with his fellow cast members, found inspiration on the road throughout the summer and has been writing for an upcoming solo project.

Chloe, on the other hand, started dating 'Ray Donovan" star Austin Nicholas since 2013.

The mysteriously charming American actor popular for AMC's hit series "The Walking Dead" has bowed down against the pretty actress Chloe Bennet as the both has been in a relationship for three long years.


premiere in Las Vegas on Wednesday of that year on September 18. The video started with the couple over exaggerating their stretching before they took a “dive” into the water (aka the floor).

In a picture with the smiling couple, Bennet captioned: “Celebrating 3 reallllll spicy years with this hot tamale. [ But Bennet wasn’t the only one who remembered their anniversary, since Nichols posted a picture of his own on Instagram. [ And when Bennet and Nichols aren’t posing together on their social media accounts, they take time out of their busy schedule to attend their friends’ weddings.



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