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It must have been an amazing trip because the happy couple shared all of their special little moments abroad with their Instagram followers!

Apparently Erica is a very lucky woman, hit the flipper to see just HOW lucky…

Tia Mowry and her sister Tamera were in a singing group in the early 1990s called Voices. Her mother, Darlene Renée Mowry (née Flowers), managed her children's careers when they were in the group Voices, and also worked as a security guard. Tamera was born first, at pm, followed by Tia at pm.

The group debuted their first single "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! She also has two younger brothers, actor Tahj Mowry and Tavior Mowry, who plays college football for University of California, Davis.

(At least Sandra played it a little more coy: “Is Tia and Tamera’s Brother Tahj Mowry Crushing On a Gay Bodybuilder?

” Still trolly as hell, though.) Here are photos Fameolous claims Tahj “liked,” if you’re curious: These photos might be risque, but they do not confirm Tahj’s sexuality. Until he opens up about his sexual orientation—which he never has to, if he doesn’t want to—then people really need to back the eff off.

Tahj “liked” a few photos on this muscle man’s Instagram, so the Internet—mainly Sandra Rose and Fameolous—now thinks he is gay.As of now, this actor is not having an affair with anybody.



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