Who is theresa from hollyoaks dating

uk have reached out to Jorgie's representatives for comment.

Theresa Mc Queen has given birth to her baby daughter, and if you haven’t heard already, her name is pretty extraordinary. And, bizarrely, he seemed pretty shocked ‘Why didn’t you tell me?! ’ Theresa then insisted a DNA test will prove he’s the father and before we knew it he was topless and cradling baby Myra Pocahontas Regina Madonna Savage-Mc Queen. However, Hollyoaks fans on Twitter were too preoccupied with Dodger’s nakedness to give two hoots about his latest sprog and the fact he just snogged her mother…

Other story lines include her embarkment on a modelling career, competing in swimming competitions and her many relationships.

According to Batley, Sarah relies on people too much for support and was "man-crazy" in her early years.



Jorgie and George have become closer by the day with flirtatious cuddles and non-stop giggling for the past five days.

Warren demands money from Sean as compensation for having him jailed, but is willing to write off Sean's debts he owes him in exchange for a night with his wife, Louise Kennedy (Roxanne Mc Kee).

Louise refuses to sleep with him, and tells Sean that the only way to settle the debt would be to give Warren ownership of Evissa. Warren embarks on an affair with Clare Cunningham (Gemma Bissix), whilst she is still married to Max Cunningham (Matt Littler).

Warrens first victim was Sean Kennedy when Sean returened in March 2007 to demand money off Louise Summers she asked Warren for help Sean later got a taxi to the airport but Warren was the driver and instead drove him away and killed him, He later got Justin Burton to move the body, Warrens secound victim was his wife to be Lousie when he found out she was planing on killing him in late December 2008, His third came in a 2010 flashback episode telling us how he survied the 2009 loft fire he stabs Dale Greer and dumps him in the loft basement to make people think it was Warren who died in the fire, And his fourth victim was Kyle Ryder in February 2011 when he saved Theresa Mc Queen shooting Kyle in the back and he fell down the lift shack, Warren only did time for Louise's murder although Frankie Osbourne threw a hate campaign against him in 2016 and she revealed on the posters that Warren also killed Sean.

Jorgie Porter has left her role on Hollyoaks after eight years on the soap.

As Theresa huffed and puffed it out in the hospital bed she summoned suspected baby daddy Dodger Savage to her side. Yep, you read that right – Myra Pocahontas Regina Madonna Savage-Mc Queen.



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