Who is turtle dating on entourage

Ferrara revealed that getting married and having children is definitely in the near future for him and Breanne.In Touch Magazine’s Rick Egusquiza quizzed Jerry about his upcoming nuptials and asked, “Have you gotten domestic since Breanna moved in? ” Jerry revealed, “Everything you just mentioned, I foresee.Jerry Ferrara sat down with In Touch Magazine for an exclusive interview, and the actor who is well-known for his portrayal of Turtle on Entourage dished on his love life.Jerry and Breanne have actually been dating for over a year now and the happy couple just moved in together.Ari eventually gets Dana Gordon to take over as head of the studio.Realistically, there aren't enough hours in the day for everything that occurs in this episode.

In last night's episode, the former Meadow Soprano is seated next to Turtle on a flight from Hawaii and somehow he talks her into sorta joing the mile-high club.Turtle is a childhood friend of Vincent Chase's (Adrian Grenier) from Queens.



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