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By Andy Rathbone Just like your bank, credit card company, and grocery store club card, Windows Media Player spies on you in Windows 8.The player’s 5,000-word online Privacy Statement boils down to this: Windows Media Player tells Microsoft every song, file, or movie that you play.This privacy statement explains many of the data collection and use practices of Windows Media Player 10 ("Windows Media Player").This privacy statement focuses on features that communicate with the Internet, and is not intended to be an exhaustive list.This section, however, provides information about Windows Media Player that can help you to balance your organization’s requirements for communication across the Internet with your organization’s requirements for protection of networked assets.For more information about deploying and managing Windows Media Player in an enterprise environment, see links on the Windows Media Web site at: Media/ The Enterprise Deployment Pack (EDP) for Windows Media Player 9 Series is a downloadable packaging tool that you can use to centrally configure, deploy, and manage Windows Media Player 9 Series in your organization.

This privacy statement applies to Windows Media Player 9 Series; it does not apply to other online or offline Microsoft websites, products, or services.Windows Media Player provides easy access to features provided by Internet-based online stores, many of which are provided by third parties (that is, companies other than Microsoft).This privacy statement describes how Windows Media Player interacts with these online stores.Some people find that creepy, but if Microsoft doesn’t know what you’re playing, Windows Media Player can’t retrieve that artist’s profile information and artwork from the Internet.

If you don’t care that Microsoft hums along to your CDs, don’t bother reading any further.To download the EDP, or to download a white paper that is part of the EDP, see the Windows Media Web site at:



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