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In a video posted 16th March, Ellis explained that her videos were being hidden by You Tube’s Restricted Mode.

And now, almost a month after the controversy flared, the video-sharing platform has released a blog post, outlining how it will be rectifying these issues and ensuring more content is available through the filter.

Restricted Mode was found to be automatically blocking LGBTQ content, such as videos about dating and attraction.



Pam (USA) Report N2 (added on March, 4, 2013) Alexander Malls James claims to be an officer in the Army in Kabul, Afghanistan.Fingers crossed this isn't her only cameo in Tanner's videoes!Last month, You Tube came under fire over claims its video filtering system Restricted Mode was discriminating against LGBTQ videos.Not only did they do their first vlog together but he also put her on his Instagram feed. RELATED: Was Gabbie Hanna AKA The Gabbie Show Assaulted? Tanner spoke into the camera about their romance and said, "I know you’ve seen her in the background of a few of my videos. So the reason you’re just now finding out about Taylor here — we did a lot of talking, and kind of thought this out a lot.


And I didn’t want to introduce the vlog, obviously, ’cause that’s a really big deal to me.

You Tube star Tanner Fox has finally revealed a huge secret to his fans – something he's been hiding for the past couple of months! He has a girlfriend and he decided to debut their relationship during one of his You Tube videos.


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