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That tradition passed down through the ages to the US Navy’s WWII-issued watch cap, which Cousteau and Zissou wore a variation of.

Essentially, the watch cap has been a staple of men’s fashion for 600 years. Crew Factory, Oxford Shirt: Uniqlo, Watch Cap: Amazon, Watch: Steinhart, 0 Chinos: Levi’s, Sunglasses: Randolph Engineering, 0 Tropic Watch Strap: Tech Swiss, Sneakers: Adidas, You can’t have a movie about scuba divers without touching on dive watches, and Zissou’s in particular is a quirky piece that is perfect for the world Wes Anderson is crafting.

Hate to break the hearts of the stans, but word has it, so is Tom Hiddleston!


In support of NBC Upfronts, Levi made his way to Radio City Music Hall to promote .Zachary's immediate response of, "None of your damn business," was way defensive, especially considering that the gay guy asking was only asking to see if he could hook him up with some chicks. It's just like weed - they're never the same once they go over. Guess they figure Jesus is okay with it (He probably was)He was kind of douchey on that WWL, r16, which is odd because normally he's so nice and polite that it's almost annoying.Perhaps being around the Shah guy and Cohen made his closet feel a little too small.The film is a meticulously crafted homage to/piss-take on the classic scuba diving documentaries of Jacques Cousteau. Cousteau and his crew famously wore a red watch cap, usually paired with a light blue shirt, or in some cases just a pair of Speedos.

The Life Aquatic is jam-packed with references to the French sea explorer, from the distinctive colored wetsuits (silver for Cousteau; light blue for Zissou) to their decommissioned minesweeper turned exploration vessel/production studio, there are references to Cousteau every few frames. And when you watch those old “Undersea World” episodes, they’re mostly in the Speedos."He broke up with her on Saturday before his big NBC premiere aired," the pal explains, adding that the couple had recently returned from a "great vacation" in Turks and Caicos and Puerto Rico.


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